Monday, April 19, 2021
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Instagram @Cindy Thefannie โ€‹ Location studio @pincspace_ Siapa sih yang ga mau punya wajah mulus kayak artis K-Pop??? Yang follow aku di instagram pasti tau aku sempet jerawatan dan ga gampang buat hilangi jerawat. Sekarang jerawatnya udah sembuh tapi bekasnya...

Drew Gets Honest About Why She Doesn't Do Plastic Surgery | Drew's News

Drew reveals the reason she hasn't had any work done to her face, and Ross explains the newest dating terms you should probably know! #DrewBarrymoreShow #DrewsNews Subscribe to The Drew Barrymore Show: Keep the party going with a visit to FOLLOW...

8 Effective Skincare Tips (for healthy glowy skin) **NOT SPONSORED**

8 Raw & Honest SKINCARE TIPS for FLAWLESS SKIN | Lifelong Solutions To CLEAR SKIN once and for all. **NOT SPONSORED** Vitamin Deficiency Test // CareOf: Mineral Deficiency Test: Vega One Multi Vitamin All In One Shake: UPDATED Dermatologist Approved Skincare...
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My Plastic Surgery Obsession Doesn't Make Me A Bad Mum | My Extraordinary Family

AN OnlyFans model has been branded a โ€˜bad motherโ€™ for her plastic surgery obsession. Frances, 28, and Chris, 40,...
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