Thursday, April 22, 2021
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2020 Ocean Alexander 90 Revolution Luxury Yacht – Walkaround Tour

Welcome to BoatTube!!! On our channel we upload daily, two of our original, short 2-5min, walkaround videos of Motor Boats, Sailing Yachts, Jet Ski and everything that floats in the water. Our coverage is from the Biggest Boat Shows around...

Tour the 2018 Ocean Alexander 100 Luxury Yacht

Find Your Ocean Alexander: When it comes to luxury and seaworthiness, the Ocean Alexander Yachts​ 100 cannot be beat. We had a chance to meet up with MarineMax General Manager TJ Rose to tour the 5 stateroom model of...

Anti-Aging Expert Reveals Secret to Staying Young | Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos on Health Theory

This episode is brought to you by our learning platform, Impact Theory University. Click here to learn more: Aging. It’s something most, if not all, of us accept as just a normal part of life. Yet, what if we’ve...
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Cosmetic Surgery Addiction is POPPIN

☆ Apparel ☆ ALL THE MUSIC I USE: It's perfect for avoiding copyright issues. ☆PO BOX (Send...
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