Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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GIANT WATERPARK RESORT: Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells (All Parks POV!)

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💦 A video compilation of almost all slides at the water parks of Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, USA. The huge Wilderness Territory houses a total of eight (!) indoor and outdoor water parks, including six locations with slides. During our three-day stay at Wilderness Resort, we had plenty of time to try the attractions. Our personal favorites were the Lost World outdoor waterpark with its awesome slides, as well as the Klondike Kavern with its huge Tornado ride called Hurricane.

▼ Klondike Kavern Waterpark
00:17 Hurricane (Tornado)
00:55 Mine Shaft (left)
01:24 Mine Shaft (right)
01:47 Claim Jumper Challenge / Slideboarding (right)
02:43 Claim Jumper Challenge / Slideboarding (left)

▼ Wild Water Dome
03:29 Dueling Mammoths

▼ Lost World Waterpark
04:18 Adventure Lazy River (Water Slide)
04:39 Halley’s Comet Racers
05:12 Lunar Loop
05:53 Cosmic Drop

▼ Wild West Waterpark
06:14 Black Hole / Cannon Bowl Slide
06:48 Fantastic Voyage
07:23 Wilderness Express
07:47 Bronc Buster (left)
08:08 Bronc Buster (right)

▼ Lake Wilderness Waterpark
08:40 Rafter’s Rage (Tube Slide)
09:05 Rafter’s Rage (Body Slide)
09:24 Lil’ Chutes

▼ New Frontier Waterpark
09:46 Timber Falls
10:05 Gold Rush (Tube Slide)
10:41 Gold Rush (Body Slide)
11:00 Banana Slides

💦 In diesem Video zeigen wir euch fast alle Rutschen in den Wasserparks des Wilderness Resorts in Wisconsin Dells, USA. Das “Wilderness Territory” verfügt über insgesamt sage und schreibe acht (!) Indoor- und Outdoor-Wasserparks, davon sechs Locations mit Rutschen. Während unseres dreitägigen Aufenthalts im Wilderness Resort hatten wir die Gelegenheit, die Rutschen ausgiebig zu testen. Unsere persönlichen Highlights waren der Lost World Outdoor-Wasserpark mit seinen Rutschen sowie der Indoor-Park Klondike Kavern, der mit dem Proslide Tornado namens “Hurricane” zu begeistern wusste.


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