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I Became A Monster After Plastic Surgery At Age 18 | This is my story

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Hey guys. My name’s Jasmine, I’m 18 and I got so close to reaching my dream, but one mistake turned me into a monster overnight.

To put it bluntly, I’ve never been a super hot girl. Guys don’t really talk to me much unless it’s to help them with their homework.

However, I do have a secret weapon, and that’s my style. I rock the alternative hippy-girl look like no one else. In fact, I recently had a modeling agency contact me after finding my pictures on social media. They wanted to do a professional pinup-style shoot so obviously, I jumped at the chance to do it even though the idea was totally nerve-wracking.

I asked my friend Ryan if he’d come along to the shoot with me – just to keep me safe. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had a real crush on Ryan for a long time. He’s kinda shy, super cute, and a real gentleman. I thought this might be my chance to impress him!

But on the morning of the shoot, there was a problem. Ryan’s new girlfriend, this leggy brunette named Rebecca, said he could only go if she could go, too. She was a total nightmare, a real drama queen. I don’t know what Ryan saw in her. But I didn’t have much choice so I agreed. Hell, maybe I could use the opportunity to show Ryan I was better than Rebecca?

The three of us arrived at the studio and I was getting ready to flaunt my stuff, but then the photographer said something so mean I was lost for words. He looked at me and said…

“You look much better in your pictures than you do in real life.”

What!? Honestly, I felt so insulted I could barely speak. And then, he followed that up with, “Sorry, your face isn’t right for us. That nose, those cheekbones, even your eyelids. It just won’t work.”

I felt so embarrassed in front of Ryan, too! I struggled to hold back the tears. I didn’t know what to do…

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