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Simple In-Flight Skincare Routine | Model Travel Tips For Hydrated & Glowy Skin | Sanne Vloet

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close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts source

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Simple & Easy In-Flight Skincare Routine For Anyone | Great Model Travel Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing & Hydrated While You Fly | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

Happy Belated Kingsday to all my Dutchies! Anyone else here know anything about Dutch holidays? I think in America everyone celebrates President’s Day, but what do you guys celebrate in your country to honor your countries leaders? If you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button and share your favorite national holiday in the comments!

I have been on the road for almost a month now. When I travel I have to take care of my skin differently because of the changes in weather and all of the long flights I take can make your skin very dry. If I arrive in a new location for a photo shoot I want to make sure I look fresh, clean, and hydrated. Don’t you?

So for today I shared a quick “what I do when I travel” skincare routine. This was a 10 hour flight and obviously staying hydrated is most important, but I also used a few other things to keep my skin happy and glowy!

Thanks so much for watching and being here with me! I’ve been responding to so many amazing comments, some of you comment on every video and I feel like I’m slowly getting to know you guys. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, share things about yourself, or just leave positivity in the comment section!

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Products I have been using:

– Hand Sanitizer
– M-61 Cleansing Cloth
– Evian Mineral water
– Magic Stripes Detox Mask
– Avene Hydration Crème
– Clarins Jasmine Handcreme
– Beauty Bio Eye Patches
– Frank Body Lip Balm
– Love Story Parfum by Chloe

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close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts

close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts source
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