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Facial paralysis treatment & exercise

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Facial paralysis treatment & exercise video explains what is facial paralysis- it’s symptoms, causes, treatment and exercises for reducing facial paralysis.

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Facial paralysis is loss of facial movement due to nerve damage and the person can no longer move some or all of the muscles of the face. There are three major causes of facial paralysis-

1. Bell’s palsy- It is a condition in which there is a sudden, temporary weakness in your facial muscles. It affects on one side of your face at a time, causing it to droop or drool on one side of a face at a time.

2. Brain stroke- The more serious cause of facial paralysis is brain stroke. It occurs when nerves that control the muscles in the face are damaged in the brain.

3. Skull fracture or injury to the face- Injuries to the facial nerve can also occur due to skull base fractures or sharp penetrating injuries.

Symptoms of facial paralysis can include:

1. Facial Paralysis on one side or (In rare cases, both sides of the face)
2. Loss of blinking control on the affected sides.
3. Drooling from one side of the mouth.
4. Dropping of the mouth to the affected side
5. Altered sense of taste
6. Slurred speech
7. Dry mouth

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