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Rainbow Friend Plastic Surgery!😰 #shorts

This is what happens when you keep eating junk foods🍔 #rainbowfriends #asmr #tiktok source

close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts

close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts source

ASMR Spa Facial Treatment to Pamper You Tonight (Layered Sounds, Skincare, Massage, Reiki & Sleep)

I want to pamper you tonight and for that I prepared a very special Spa facial ASMR session. Skin...


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Hey guys! Jenn and I worked super hard on this and had so much fun making this, and I am so excited to finally post this on YouTube! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Message: In today’s society, we seem to have set certain requirements to be “perfect”. But one must understand that no matter how beautiful you may think one is, they may be hating and looking down upon themselves. If you aspire to reach society’s definition of perfect, you may never be happy with yourself. You must see that you ARE beautiful. You have so much potential, and you are gifted with so many special talents. Do not change yourself in any way that is not true to yourself. You can do anything in this world, and don’t let anyone else’s voices melt out your dreams. Find friends that appreciate you because of your inner self, not your outer self. It is difficult to navigate through life with constant people bringing you down, but you can do it. Girls and boys want to fit a certain image to be “beautiful.” But your outer appearance is not everything. What really matters is what is inside. If you try to be what society thinks is perfect, you will never truly love yourself. Instead, be yourself. Don’t befriend people just because you want to be popular, or want to look cool. Find friends who appreciate you for who you are on the inside. The most important thing is to be yourself, and that is how you will be happy.

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Rainbow Friend Plastic Surgery!😰 #shorts

This is what happens when you keep eating junk foods🍔 #rainbowfriends #asmr #tiktok source
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