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Christina Aguilera: Plastic Surgery (2002-2020)

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Today’s video is on the beautiful and talented Christina Aguilera. People are always asking if Christina has gotten plastic surgery Between rumors of Nose jobs, botox, implants and more, there is a lot to unpack and unravel. I will reveal the answers that I found.
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Questions that will get answered in this video:
Has Christina Aguilera had plastic surgery or is it makeup and skincare?
Were Chrisitina Aguilera’s chest changes due to pregnancy or cosmetic surgery?
Were Chrisitina Aguilera’s weight changes due to exercise, pregnancy, or plastic surgery?
Is Christina Aguilera’s nose different, did she get a nose job, or is it the rest of her face that changed?
Does Christina Aguilera use Face fillers or did she get a face lift?
Does Christina Aguilera use Botox, or has she just been using a different skin care routine?
How old is Christina Aguilera?

A little about Christina Aguilera: Christina has had a long and legacy filled career as a singer, songwriter, actress, and tv personality. She has 5 grammys, one latin grammy, a hollywood star, is considered one of the greatest singers of all time, and has sold over 75 million records. She got started in Mickey Mouse alongside Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake, all who have had illustrious careers of their own. Since then, she worked on her music and topped the charts from a young age. Many of today’s top pop stars say she was their inspiration to pursue music, some of those stars being Ariana grande, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, among others.
Christina aguilera has two kids, she has a net worth of 160 million dollars.
Beyond music, Christina has been in 3 movies, Burlesque, Emoji Movie, and Zoe. She has also had a lot of endorsements from large global brands such as Sears, Levi’s, Skechers, Mercedes-Benz, Versace, Virgin Mobile, Oreo, Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi. She also Was in some ad campaigns for makeup giant MAC Cosmetics. Her own products such as her fragrances: Xpose, Simply Christina, Inspire, and By Night, have all been best sellers and won many awards as well as making her a lot of money.

Enjoy the video!

Co-researched by Keke

Everything talked about in this video is MY OPINION ONLY and not actual medical facts about the individual represented here.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

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CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.



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