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Chanel | Fall Winter 2020/2021 – Full Show

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“A very simple, very pure momentum. Romanticism, but without any flourishes,“ is how Viard described her designs.

Evoking French film director Claude Chabrol’s 1968 film “The Does,” a lesbian drama, female models walked the runway together and chatted like intimates in the first looks. The models wore stylish retro black leather boots, ones with a brandy bell-shaped collar at the mid-calf that became the collection’s leitmotif.

Viard’s simplest designs were the most effective: A black silk bodice dress with the top lobbed off and dropped Juliette sleeves. Modeled by Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, it had guests clicking their cameras. And voluminous studded jodhpurs that opened up at the bottom cut a beautiful silhouette. This design, Viard said in a touching detail, was an homage to Lagerfeld’s personal style. Another simple garment, a loose wool jacket in Chanel’s emblematic pink with a soft-spiky collar, was a high point.

Yet, a drawback of the tasteful showing were some of the overly flashy gold chains and costume jewellery that often distracted the eye from the show’s central aesthetic.

Watch to see the full show



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