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BlackPink Rosé: Plastic Surgery (2020) – Lifting The Veil

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Today I will talk about the beautiful Rose Park, dancer and singer of the popular Kpop group Blackpink. I will cover the plastic surgeries of Rose Park and what makes her face so attractive. We will explore what is natural and what is cosmetic. #Blackpink #Kpop #rose

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With all this in mind please enjoy the video. Do not harass Rose using my opinion. This is all just speculation as to what could have caused the changes in her face over time. I do not have access to her medical records, this is just my opinion. I have no intentions to cause any harm, and it is for the purpose of education on plastic surgery and to understand the immense pressure these girls have to look and act perfect in a very competitive and pressuring industry like Kpop.

Roseanne Park was born on February 11 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand, to South Korean immigrant parents. She also has an older sister. Rose began singing and playing guitar and piano as a child.
At the age of 16 she attended an audition for YG entertainment and was ranked first among the participants. Afterwards she trained for 4 years before her announcement as the four member of the group Blackpink.
Since then, she and the other members have had major success as one of the most prolific Kpop groups of all time. This leaves her with an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars, which is likely to grow larger as she continues to take on partnerships.

Some recent examples of brand partnerships are the following:
Saint Laurent Solferino bag, BVLGARI, Samsung galaxy note 20, Visa Debit card, OMEGA, Brawlstars, and many more. These are huge brands which shows that Rose is powerful on her own with an avid fanbase.

Beauty traits of Rose Park:
beautifully shaped head, nearly perfect oval, Giving her a gorgeous profile. She has a wide and lovely smile; it completely lights up her face, and her eyes look happy and smile when she does.

Rose’s baseline photo used is from when she was in school, before where entering to training for Kpop and rising to stardom. It is one of the few good before photos available.

Rose’s profile which is absolutely stunning is the next time to cover, comparisons from before and after indicate some changes to her chin, which gives a different heart shaped appearance to her face and compliments the rest very well.

Regarding body plastic surgery I’m not seeing any evidence of Rose having any body procedures; this doesn’t mean that she hasn’t just that I don’t see any differences that I can attribute to plastic surgery.

Contour makeup, except she doesn’t use much makeup. Puberty, However some of these changes were well after puberty so that can’t apply to changes such as her nose. Noses get larger, not smaller with age naturally. Weight -/+, could be the excuse for the cheeks, but that would not affect her eyes, lips, nose, and jaw. There is also photoshop on a lot of pictures which is why I try to find the natural candid photos or one state have not been touched as much. Luckily we can see her in videos which makes it easier to see what she looks like as a comparison.
Everything talked about in this video is MY OPINION ONLY and not actual medical facts about the individual represented here.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

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CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.


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Rainbow Friend Plastic Surgery!😰 #shorts

This is what happens when you keep eating junk foods🍔 #rainbowfriends #asmr #tiktok source
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