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Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Hotel Kemer Antalya in Turkey

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Location :


Dolce Vita
Discover the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea at five star luxury hotel Amara Dolce Vita, a resort surrounded by nature which offers a large variety of activities.

Deluxe Standart Room
(179 Sea View + 94 Forest View )

273 rooms, 40m², located in Venezia, Portofino and Capri buildings. 1 bedroom (French bed or twin beds), 1 bathroom, 1 wardrobe room or wardrobe and balcony. 20 Deluxe Standard rooms are door connected and can be used as family rooms.

Deluxe Junior Family Suite
(6 rooms Forest View in Capri Building)

17 rooms, 63m², located Venezia, Portofino and Capri buildings. 1 French bed bedroom (withconnecting door) and 1 living room withsofa and, 1 bathroom and balcony.

Deluxe Suite Family Room
5 rooms, 70m², located in Venezia buildings. 2 bedrooms: 1 French bed bedroom and 1 twin beds bedroom with connecting door, 1 bathroom and balcony.

Deluxe Grand Suite
DELUXE SUITE GRAND( 5 Sea View + 2 Forest View )
7 rooms, 80m², located in deluxe building. 1 French bed bedroom, living room, study, American kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe room and terrace (architecture of rooms is different and some of them do not have kitchen).

Deluxe Major Suite
2 suites, 175m², located in deluxe building. 2 French bed bedrooms (with connecting door), living room, study, American kitchen (only in one of the suites), wardrobe room, Jacuzzi, 2 bathrooms and terrace (75m²).

Club Standart Room
369 rooms 42m², located in Roma- and Istanbul Streets in Club buildings. 1 bedroom (with French bed or twin beds), 1 bathroom, wardrobe room or wardrobe and balcony. 21 Club Standard rooms are door connected and can be used as family rooms.

Club Family Suite Room
25 rooms 42 m2 located in Roma- and Istanbul Streets in Club buildings. 1 bedroom with French bed, 2 twin bed (sofa bed ) with connection bed) , bathroom and balcony.

Villa Superior
220m², built in blocks consisting of two houses with separate entrances, with private heated swimming pools. The villas are located by the sea with ever green forest and mountain views. Upstairs: 2 bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, bedrooms have double beds with seating areas and spacious balconies. Ground floor: American kitchen / dining room, living room, bedroom with bathroom, dressing room and a WC.

Club Suite Room
CLUB SUITE (Forest View)
2 suites 65m², located in Roma Street. 1 French bed bedroom, living room, 1 bathroom with Jacuzzi, wardrobe room and terrace.

Villa Grand
380m² with a private swimming pool, located in a specially designed area close to the sea. There are 4 French bed bedrooms upstairs and an American kitchen / dining room, living room, fitness room, sauna and a butler room downstairs. There is also a terrace in front of the villa.

Main Restaurant which has 3 different kinds of decoration areas, an original Irish Pub and several bars is at your service with a high performed hospitality.

Born in Venice in 1725 to actress Zanetta Farussi and a violist father, his real name was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova. His motto was to live life to the fullest. Casanova combined many different professions, such being a soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, a ture adventurer, gallant, and also was a man of charactre. He was a mere playboy who loved and was loved too. Giacomo was a brilliant student who could become a successful attorney without striking a blow. He composed operettas and released more than 20 books. According to rumors, his little brother was the illegitimate child of the King of England. Casanova was such a well-known figure and also successful businessman and gambler, that he was well received in the European Royal Households, and managed to found the first state lottery in France. Besides, he had made one of the challenging escape from prison ever. But Giacomo is known as a flirtatious and charismatic man, whose broke women’s hearts with his charm.
To show you the true nature Casanova is indeed, we prepared an unusual menu of various seafood and fish dishes.

Word pescatore means ‘fisherman’ in Italian. Due to its harmonic sound a lot of fish restaurants have the same name all over the world.
In this classical restaurant on the hill by the Mediterranean Sea, fresh fish and seafood is served to you in the most delicious way.

The Ottoman Empire has ruled over a wide geographical area for centuries and has been a neighbour to different nations.

This expression stands for ‘nice to the taste’ in Italian, which means that Italy is the place you can find the most dainty dishes.

Beach-friendly temperatures are par for the course in Turkey.


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