Saturday, February 4, 2023
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ASMR Skin Consultation and Facial Treatment ? (role play, soft spoken, includes scalp massage)

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Hi everyone,

Tonight’s video is a soft spoken skin consultation and facial treatment. Lots of visual triggers including light triggers and slow hand movements. There’s also a realistic scalp massage (recorded the sound while actually massaging my own head ?, let me me know if you like the sound and I’ll make a whole video dedicated to it).

If anyone follows me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know I had some issues with the original audio and ended up having to reshoot the whole thing in the middle of the day, and I live next to a farm ? I had originally planned to overdub some sounds at the parts where I apply the products but I really didn’t want another day to pass without uploading anything. The audio still isn’t exactly how I’d like it, but hopefully it’ll still be relaxing enough.

Also, I’ve finally got the Community tab!! I’m so super excited about it ? It means I can make any announcements etc directly on YouTube.

Hope life if treating you all kind,

Zoë ❤

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A b o u t A S M R:

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a term coined for the fuzzy or tingly sensation felt in response to certain audio, visual or other sensory stimuli. This sensation tends to start in the scalp but can work it’s way down the body, and is associated with a strong feeling of relaxation. These videos are created to try and elicit this response, and also to be relaxing in general.

E q u i p m e n t:

Video – Samsung Galaxy S10+

Audio – Tascam DR-05x

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