Sunday, July 25, 2021
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9to5less Arrival At Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht Club

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The Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht Club welcomes our newest members, Trevor and Jess from the youtube channel 9to5less. In a world long ago, the pandemic was just starting. They drove an old, dismasted catamaran 1,200 miles down the intercoastal waterway, mostly in winter with a plywood door that didn’t keep the cold breeze out. They had seen suffering on a boat but were still up for adventure. They seemed like the perfect cruising buddy boat to travel with because suffering is a likely side effect of my cruising style.

They were going to park their boat here and rebuild my fallen down dock. We were going to rebuild their boat to be more comfortable for living aboard while cruising. We all had plans for the future and life was grand. Trevor and Jess were going to quarantine on their boat until it had been two weeks since any of us had contact with anyone else, forming our own quarantine bubble.

The next morning, cops showed up. Someone had complained that the neighborhood is not zoned for people living on boats at the dock. Trevor and Jess went home, and split up soon after. I had apparently caught COVID while shopping for enough groceries to hide in my house through the pandemic, and I got sick soon after they left.

It is now a year later and the catamaran is still in my back yard. Hopefully Trevor can get the vaccine soon and come back to fix his boat. Jess offered to come and help me finish the dock. My cat died during the pandemic. I have boards nailed over the doors and windows to keep the zombies out, and have not left the house for a year. The internet still works, so I can tell that there are still some youtubers who have survived out there somewhere. Meanwhile, I am going a little more crazy each day.
No I’m not
Yes you are, you know that you are
I’m as sane as you are
Thats exactly what I’m talking about.
HEY! Are you two typing to each other in the comments again?
No – We’re not
I can see you typing because I’m you
OK, we’ll knock it off for now, but we’ll be back!


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