Friday, June 18, 2021
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LUXURY Hotel Seafood Buffet DESTROYED | Pro Eater Vs AYCE Buffet! | MASSIVE Seafood Platter Mukbang!

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For this episode, we went to The Line to destroy their AYCE Luxury Seafood Buffet! The Line is a Buffet Restaurant at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel that serves food from a wide variety of cuisines, allowing you to sample Indian, Thai, Western and Singaporean cuisine all at one location. They also have themed nights like Japanese and Seafood Harvest, and in this video, we came on Seafood Harvest night. We have a GIVEAWAY for 1 Dining Voucher for Two, details on my IG post (@zermattneo)

Due to Covid-19, there is no longer a buffet spread to choose from but a menu where you order by dish, a la Minute. They conveniently provide a QR code which you can scan with your phone and order. Their Seafood Platter caught our eye but it turned out to be rather small (intentionally on their part) and would have taken us forever while greatly inconveniencing the staff to serve us an adequate quantity. They graciously acceded to our request for a bigger portion and wheeled out a humongous bowl filled with all the components of the Seafood Platter and with additional Sashimi.

The Giant Seafood Platter consisted of Boston Lobsters, Prawns, Mussels, Oysters, Snow Crab Legs, Snow Crab Claws, Clams and Scallops. It came garnished with lemons and 3 types of sauces, a vinegar sauce, a tabasco-based sauce and a cocktail sauce. While the seafood were largely fresh and juicy, they came with a fluctuating quality. Some were cooked to perfection while others were overdone and rubbery. The prawns were the best part, plump, rarely overcooked and went heavenly with the cocktail sauce.

Furthermore, we sampled the breadth of the options at this buffet, ordering the Western, Singaporean and Lebanese options plus dessert. The standouts would be the Wagyu Beef Bolognese and the Sambal Sotong. The pasta was al dente and the meat sauce was rich with a faux creaminess developed by hours on the pot. The sambal sotong was extremely tender and heavily coated in a delicious, spicy dressing while also pairing well with the sweet and vinegary sauce that came with it.

However, some of the food were rather disappointing like the Oyster Omelette, which was rather bland and came without the signature Oyster Omelette chilli sauce. The Angus Sirloin was also nothing to shout about, a touch on the under seasoned side and lacking flavour. The desserts were the most consistent, all of them being above average at the minimum. I enjoyed the Salty Caramel Choux Puff and the American Cheesecake. The Durian Cake would be a real treat for durian lovers as it had an intense durian flavour to it.

All in all, I certainly ate my money’s worth for a $120 Seafood Buffet. Although there were highs and lows, I still enjoyed the experience and pushed myself to destroy this buffet. The portions here are on the smaller side so as to allow you to order a greater variety and sample as many dishes that The Line has to offer. If you are feeling ravenous yet uncertain about what exactly to eat, look no further than the buffet at The Line!

Visit The Line at:
22 Orange Grove Rd
Lower Lobby, Tower Wing
Singapore 258350

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