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JAKARTA FULL SHOW #4 2016 – Fashion Channel

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JAKARTA FULL SHOW #4 2016 – Fashion Channel

00:00 Intro

00:05 Eko Nugroho for MAJORMINOR

03:03 Ellyhan

05:57 Eridani

08:52 Etu

11:47 Gallery Visuu

14:42 Harnie Hananto

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JFW is reputed to be the greatest fashion show in Southeast Asia; is hosted as a partnership hub between major fashion and creative industry stakeholders and the community by the GCM Group (formerly part of the Femina Group).

The purpose of the event is to bring direction to Indonesia’s fashion business, as well as a conduit to prove its richness of creativity and talent, and eventually to transform Jakarta as a significant fashion hub in the entire region and the rest of the world.

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Accurate descriptions for every video since 1982 with attention to the smallest details, this is what makes fashion channel the best tool to immerse yourself in the fashion world at 360Β°.
Beauty advices, news, secrets, backstage and exclusive fashion shows are all included within our channel.
All videos are available in high resolution formats full HD on the YouTube Fashion Channel.
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