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AT HOME FACE LIFT DEVICE!! #Shorts #skincare #skincaretips

AT HOME FACE LIFT DEVICE!! #Shorts #skincare #skincaretips source

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Bleaching Face video shot at Cocoon Salon in Hyderabad, India. In this Skin Bleaching Video, we tried to explain the bleaching Face procedure step by step. We have used the product Oxylife which is from Dabur. There are various Skin Bleaching products in the market and may have different types of instructions and please read carefully.

Most of the Bleaching products used in the salons in India are Ayurvedic and doesn’t contain hydroquinone which is controversial and banned in some countries without a prescription.

In this Bleaching Face Video Following Steps are used:

Before Bleaching Face, A Patch Test is a MUST. Never do a bleaching without a patch test. Patch test helps you to see if the client is sensitive towards the bleaching product that you are about to apply to the face.

Patch Test Procedure for Oxylife Bleach Product: Take small ONE portion of Bleach cream (For ex: 1 spoon) and 1/4th portion of Bleach Powder (Ex: 1/4th spoon) and mix for 1 min and apply on the back of the ear and wait for 10 min.

Clear the application and observe for any redness, rashes, irritation etc. If all looks good, then only go ahead with Face bleaching. Otherwise, stop the procedure.

Bleaching Face Step 1: First clean the face / remove any makeup with a gentle cleanser and pat dry the face.

Face Bleaching Step 2: Apply Pre Bleach Cream for the face and other areas that you are about to bleach. (Neck for example. We did not apply to the neck in this demo.)

Bleaching Face Step: 3: Next take one portion (here One full spoon) cream bleach and take a 1/4th portion of Powder Activator (Bleach Powder) and mix for a min properly and apply to the face leaving EYEBROWS, EYES and Lips. Use a brush to apply and you may use your fingers to apply and any little itching, then help the client to rub gently. Leave it for 15 min.

Note: Some signs of little irritation and slight burning are witnessed and it is normal. and if more irritation and undesired situation stop the procedure and remove immediately.

Caution: BLEACHING FACE should be done professionally and with expertise.

Oxylige cream bleach infuses Oxygen into the skin. Aloe Vera makes the skin supple and soft and through this get an instant glow. Oxylife cream bleach is mildest skin bleach available in the market. Oxygen carries active ingredients into the skin; brightens, nourishes, energises and protects, giving the skin naturally radiant skin instantly.

Use a spatula to remove the face bleach application and clean wipe after that.

Skin bleaching step 4: Apply Post bleach radiance serum to the full areas where blech applied.

After bleaching: Do not expose your face to the sunlight as it may cause skin irritation and pigmentation.

This face bleach product can be used every 21 days.

What is Bleaching Face?
Face bleach makes your skin appear lighter shade than your skin colour but it only works on your facial hair but not on the skin itself. The fairness which comes after bleaching can be visible more on the wheatish skin. The fairness occurs due to the change of the colour of the hair of the face but not the skin.

While face bleaching, your skin may feel the following:
A burning or stinging sensation
Itchy skin
Skin irritation

Bleaching face benefits:
Bleaching face helps to get rid of tan, pigmentation marks and blemishes.
Instant Glow
Even skin tone
Removes dead skin.

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AT HOME FACE LIFT DEVICE!! #Shorts #skincare #skincaretips

AT HOME FACE LIFT DEVICE!! #Shorts #skincare #skincaretips source
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