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How To Treat Pimple | Skincare Tips To Get Rid Of Acne/Pimple | Be Beautiful

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If there is one question that bothers most of us, then it is how to treat pimples once and for all. Pimples are a result of oily skin, improper cleansing and using pore-clogging makeup products, to name a few. But that can be easily avoided by following a proper skincare routine. If you don’t know where to start, then watch this acne treatment video by Be Beautiful. In this video, you will found out about all the right products and some amazing tricks that will surely help you deal with acne more effectively.

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0:00 Why Do We Get Acne
1:16 Remove Makeup Before Bed
1:47 Gently Cleanse Your Face
2:37 Exfoliate On Daily Basis
3:04 Use A Alcohol-Free Toner
3:23 Pamper Your Skin With A Sheet Mask
3:58 Apply An Oil Free Moisturiser
4:36 Drink Plenty Of Water
5:03 Sanitise Your Phone

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