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ASMR Very Gentle Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

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~S P E C I A L T H A N K S~ Salon info: POLA Ginza Open: 10:00 am...

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Welcome to babitabeauty ❣️ Aaj ki video me apko vitamin C serum prepare karna baytaya hai aap apne ghar...

(All products of this video are not sponsored. I’ve never been sponsored before.)
Hello, loves. It’s myaling. ?
In this video, I’m going to give you a soothing facial care for tired and irritated skin.
In a quite private room with a subtle fragrance of lavender, I’ll relax a fatigue of your body and mind through a calming facial massage and gentle sounds.
In addition, I have prepared for a skin irritation test and lip care service.
I hope you’ll like the video, and thank you for your effort today.
Sweet dreams~
(I didn’t have time to remove my nail polish because of preparing my family holiday.
Please understand me even if my nails are a little long 🙂

*In a VIP Membership video, you can watch the process of reserving a facial treatment program.
I’ll diagnose your skin type, choose the products suitable your skin type, and give you a reservation card.
If you are curious about the reserving process of facial spa program, please join the VIP membership and watch it. (PC ver.)

On android mobile phone, you can find the ‘join’ button next to the subscription button.

I’m really thankful and sorry for those who did the subtitles for the last herbology video. (Spanish, Chinese(Taiwan), Portuguese, and Russian)
While I was editing the loud sound in the video, the subtitles were pushed back, so I revised the above-mentioned national community subtitles, as a result, the mark of nickname who worked on the subtitles was gone.
I’m so sorry for those who worked on the subtitles. I won’t let this happen again!
Always thank you!

(영상 속 제품들 모두 협찬 아닙니다. 이제까지 협찬 받아본 적 없습니다.)
안녕하세요, 사랑스러운 분들. 먀링입니다.
이번 영상에선, 여러분께 지치고 자극받은 피부를 진정시켜주는 얼굴 관리를 해드리려고 해요.
그윽한 라벤더 향이 감도는 고요한 개인실에서, 차분한 얼굴 마사지와 편안한 소리들로 심신의 피로를 풀어 줄게요.
추가로 알레르기 반응검사와 립 케어 서비스도 준비했어요.
이번 영상도 마음에 드시 길 바라며, 오늘 하루도 정말 수고 많으셨어요.
좋은 꿈 꾸세요~
(가족여행 준비때문에 네일아트를 지울 시간이 없었어요.
손톱이 조금 길어도 이해해주세요 🙂

*VIP Membership 영상에선, 얼굴 관리 프로그램을 예약하는 과정을 시청할 수 있어요.
여러분의 피부타입을 진단을 하고, 피부타입에 맞는 제품들을 고르고, 예약카드도 드려요.
페이셜 스파 프로그램 예약과정이 궁금하다면, VIP Membership에 가입하시고 시청해주세요 🙂

[Time stamps]
00:00 Preview
01:55 Taking your temperature & Disinfecting your hands
04:32 Checking your reservation
07:28 Greetings with tea
11:02 Doing a patch test of skincare products
17:03 Showing you to the private room
18:31 Combing your hair + Wearing a hair towel
21:45 Cleansing water with cotton pads
24:32 Removing the eye makeup with cotton swabs
26:24 Facial massage with cleansing oil
32:00 Putting lukewarm water on all over your face.
34:57 Cleansing foam + Cleansing device
37:09 Facial mousse cleanser + Pore brush
45:52 Facial mist
48:19 Facial mask pack
50:37 Lip scrub
54:19 Toner
56:16 Eye cream
59:21 Ampoule + Moisture soothing cream
1:02:05 Facial sleeping mask
1:04:20 Lip Sleeping mask
1:06:03 Combing your hair
1:07:07 Sweet dreams



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~S P E C I A L T H A N K S~ Salon info: POLA Ginza Open: 10:00 am...
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