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Enjoying Atlantis – 5* Luxury Resort in Dubai. ??

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In the middle of the Arabian Desert, in the middle of summer, what would you crave the most? Water! Lot’s of it! That’s why I drove to Atlantis, a water-themed luxury resort in Dubai.

I’d already visited the original Atlantis resort in the Bahamas so I had a good idea of what to expect. The main building and water park are very similar and they have both have one of my favourite restaurant chains, Nobu.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about was how fun it would be with the restrictions relating to the global situation. It seemed that inside the hotel building people were wearing masks at all times except when eating but outside on the beach and next to the pool it was masks off. Everything was pretty much running and open but at less capacity.

I took advantage of a long stay rate with 25% off the room rates which were already selling at a below average price for this resort. After the discount I paid 886 AED (about $240 USD) per night for a room that could easily cost double that when the hotel is in high demand.

The room was nice, about what I’d expect from a 5 star hotel really. Having both a powerful overhead rain shower and a bathtub of a suitable size for a tall person, I was very happy with the bathroom. Even though it’s a vacation resort there was a proper desk in the room, which is a huge benefit to me. The most notable feature though, was the clear view of The Palm from my 15th floor balcony.

I planned ahead and brought my own mini bar supplies, knowing that the resort wasn’t near any kind of supermarket, just like Atlantis in the Bahamas. They can charge pretty much any ridiculous price they want for things like juice and chocolate in that situation.

It turned out that not only did my forward planning mean that I had cheaper snacks but it actually meant that I HAD snacks. The hotel’s mini bar items had been removed in order to minimise contact points as part of their “global situation” measures.

After getting settled into my room I made a reservation at Nobu (reservations in restaurants are mandatory right now, no walk ins allowed) and headed down to the main pool to work up an appetite. The pool was huge but not deep at all. Maybe about 1 meter deep even in the middle. It’s more catered to splashing about in, although actual swimming is possible.

All the sunbeds were spaced a decent distance from each other, which I like. The fact that you’re forced to wear a mask walking around the hotel is somewhat balanced out by all the extra personal space you get at the pool and in the restaurants where they’ve removed every second table. So this current situation does have some upsides.

I did manage to get in decent bit of swimming but I worked up even more of an appetite by kayaking around the Palm. The water sports shop staff were Sri Lankan and super nice. I paid for 30 minutes but was out there for probably an hour and they didn’t mind at all.

My meal at Nobu was delicious. Food of that quality will always be nice but when you’re hungry good food tastes even better. I plan to make this experience into a separate vlog once I can edit out enough of the copyrighted music that they were playing to satisfy YouTube.

Other than the huge water park Aquaventure with its thrill rides, Atlantis is famous for it’s massive aquarium called The Lost Chambers. It’s full of sharks, sting rays and all kinds of tropical fish.

Unlimited access to Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium are included in the price of the room. They gave me an RFID wristband to use during my stay. It is possible to stay in a cheap hotel elsewhere in Dubai and just pay separately to access these things at Atlantis but obviously staying in the resort and coming and going whenever you want is a much more enjoyable experience. They’re both worth doing every day while staying at Atlantis in my opinion.

00:00 Desert Road Trip
01:42 Atlantis Check In
03:22 Atlantis Room Tour
13:48 Main Swimming Pool
18:48 Main Beach
20:03 Seawake Watersports
27:20 Kayaking Around The Palm
37:17 Date Balls Taste Test
39:51 Lost Chambers Aquarium
51:57 Bathtime

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Hey Lovelies 💕 Here’s a video of a facial treatment I had recently. I have dry skin and always need...
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