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Blackpink Lisa Manoban: Plastic Surgery (2016-2020) – Lifting the veil

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Today I will talk about the beautiful Lisa Manoban, lead dancer and rapper of the popular Kpop group Blackpink. I will cover the plastic surgeries of Lisa Manoban and what makes her face so attractive. We will explore what is natural and what is cosmetic. #Blackpink #Kpop #lisa

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Plastic surgery is a neutral topic here, and I am all about lifting the stigma that it has in society. Love you all and enjoy!
Lisa Manoban is the Magnae (Youngest) of Blackpink, she is also their Main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist. Lisa, originally named Pranpriya Manoban was born on march 27, 1997, in Bangkok, Thailand. She is 5’6” talls and she speaks Thai, Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, making Lisa Manoban a Polyglot. At the age of 14, she auditioned and got into South Korea’s YG entertainment, making a debut as a member of Blackpink in 2016.. She worked and trained as a Dancer and rapper for 5 years before she got the part.. Because of her Thai origin, Lisa is known by people as “Thai Princess”.

Let’s get to her face:

The first feature is her face with an adorable smile with cheeks puffing out around her lips, a trait that cannot be easily achieved with surgery, and is probably her best feature. Next is her eyes, full of expression and very hypnotizing. Lisa also has glowing skin, that appears to be silky smooth.

Starting with her eyes, we can see some warping, often caused by having an epicanthoplasty,skin is removed from the inner eye corners, making the eyes appear more open. Next, the outer corners suggest a possible canthoplasty to round out the edges. She may also have gotten a lateral canthoplasty which gives a wider cat eye type look depending on how much you raise the eye. She could have gotten a blepharoplasty to remove some fat from the upper eyelid as indicated by less puffiness.

Lisa Manoban’s nose is next. Her natural nose was wide and had a rounded tip. Her nose tip also sat lower before.. She has likely had a rhinoplasty as you can see by the before and after. I realized she may have had more than one rhinoplasty after looking at all the photos. The first made her nose smaller overall, more narrow, and brought in the nostrils. With her thick skin, she needed extra tweaking to get it correct over her new nose shape. A second rhinoplasty was likely done to raise the bridge and looks very much like a rhinoplasty with an implant or graft. In the US, surgeons use part of the body for a graft, and in asia it is more common to use a silicone implant. From the photos I have seen, it looks like it has been a struggle for her, and in many, her nose is misshapen or warped slightly. Surgeons probably had to work hard to get her nose as thin and symmetrical as it is today. This likely took many surgeries to perfect. My heart goes out to her for going through all that.

Lisa Manoban’s teeth started short, small, and square, but now they are larger and rounded, she may have gotten some veneers done.

As far as her body and skin, I don’t believe she has had any skin bleaching, just that she chooses to stay out of the sun.

The total list of Blackpink’s Lisa Manoban’s possible procedures:

Blepharoplasty, Epicanthoplasty, Lateral Canthoplasty, 3 rhinoplasties, lip lift, Medialized corner lip lift, Lip filler, Chin implant, Veneers, Buccal fat, Jawline filler. Prices are int he video.

Some other reasons for any of these changes aside from surgery could be,

Contour makeup, except she does use much makeup. Puberty, However some of these changes were well after puberty so that can’t apply to changes such as her nose. Noses get larger, not smaller with age naturally. Weight -/+, could be the excuse for the cheeks, but that would not affect her eyes, lips, nose, and jaw.

Regardless of procedures and changes, Lisa Manoban is talented, beautiful, and I hope that I can cover other Kpop stars like her in the future.

Everything talked about in this video is MY OPINION ONLY and not actual medical facts about the individual represented here. Additionally none of this information is meant to shame the individual rather it’s is for others to learn what they can do to enhance their appearance if they so choose.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

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LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.

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