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?Doctor Games for Kids ?Plastic Surgery Simulator? 20 Life-Saving Operations?Operation Game #3

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A chemical power plant has exploded and tons of injured patients need your help! It’s up to YOU, a top Plastic Surgeon, to perform emergency surgery and save your patients! Use real medical tools to treat your patients and make sure their looks are restored!
Enjoy the thrill of being an ER plastic surgeon! Tons of injured patients are counting on you! Save multiple lives and replace damaged bones with new, plastic ones! Become an expert surgeon as you carefully treat each patient!

– Carry out 20 life-saving operations!
– Save lives using real tools used by plastic surgeons!
– Restore your patients’ damaged looks with your expert plastic surgery techniques!
– Practice real surgical steps!
– Discover how serious injuries are treated by real plastic surgeons!
– Learn all about the incredible human body as you fix it up!

The “All Levels Pack” allows you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.

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