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18 Famous Women Who’ve Never Had Plastic Surgery

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How can we slow aging? This question has been asked for centuries. Everyone wants to look and feel younger....


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Nowadays it’s pretty common to see celebrities going under the knife to keep their natural beauty. But there are still plenty of mature models and actresses who choose to say “no” to plastic surgery and age gracefully and beautifully! Here are just a few of them!

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Isabella Rossellini 0:25
Sharon Stone 1:07
Brooke Shields 1:46
Salma Hayek 2:23
Jodie Foster 2:59
Andie MacDowell 3:34
Emma Thompson 4:08
Sigourney Weaver 4:41
Lauren Hutton 5:11
Halle Berry 5:50
Michelle Obama 6:21
Cindy Crawford 6:55
Meryl Streep 7:27
Sissy Spacek 8:02
Sophie Marceau 8:36
Isabelle Huppert 9:10
Juliette Binoche 9:46
Julianne Moore 10:20

Preview photo credit:
Julianne Moore in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (1997 film): By Universal Studios,
Actress Julianne Moore attends the “Florale by Triumph Lingerie Collection” launch event at the Aoyama Geihinkan in Tokyo, Japan on September 27, 2018: By AFLO/Aflo Images/East News,
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– In one of her interviews, Rossellini confessed that she’s never had cosmetic surgery because she’s simply afraid of it!
– In one of her interviews, Sharon Stone said that she doesn’t feel that it’s right to distort yourself with facelifts and other procedures.
– Even at 53 years old, Brooke Shields continues to be a beauty icon. And even though Shields tried Botox in the past, she openly admitted that she wasn’t a big fan of the final result.
– Salma Hayek is now 52 years old, and she looks as amazing as ever. And no plastic surgery involved!
– Another gorgeous and gifted actress, Jodie Foster has a strong opinion about plastic surgery as well, and it’s definitely not a positive one.
– Andie MacDowell admitted that she hasn’t had plastic surgery done because she’s perfectly fine with where she is.
– If all the celebs I talked about before simply don’t choose plastic surgery as an option, charismatic and talented Emma Thompson is strongly against it.
– In one of her interviews, Sigourney Weaver said that she likes aging and never notices age in people’s faces.
– Incredibly popular and talented ’70s top model Lauren Hutton isn’t in a rush to get plastic surgery. On the contrary, she’s proud of her wrinkles!
– Halle Berry is another advocate for aging naturally. In her interview with Yahoo!
– The former first lady of the US is also among the ranks of people who prefer to age naturally and gracefully.
– Sophie Marceau is now in her 50s and judging by her looks, keeping it real was the right decision after all! I mean, just look at her!
– Speaking of French beauties, Isabelle Huppert is another example of aging gracefully and tastefully. During her interview with The Guardian, she said that aging “doesn’t concern her,” since “it’s other people’s problem and not hers.”
– Juliette Binoche says that while plastic surgery is huge in America, women in France prefer to take care of themselves to keep their natural beauty in check rather than go under the knife.
– Julianne Moore has always been a beautiful and charismatic woman and actress. And aging doesn’t worry her at all!

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Anti Aging Foods

How can we slow aging? This question has been asked for centuries. Everyone wants to look and feel younger....
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