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Korean Plastic Surgery Show Transforms Thai Girl's face | Seoul Guide Medical

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Let Me In or Let 美人 is a South Korean television program that airs on a local cable network called ‘Story On,’ which is operated by CJ Entertainment. The title is a Chinese/English pun from the characters for beautiful 美 (sounds like ‘me’) and person 人 (sounds like ‘in’). It is a reality makeover style show that is a combination of Swan meets Cinderella meets Pimp my Ride with a Korean twist. The show premiered on 2 December 2011 and has been met with both acclaim and condemnation by locals in Korea.

21 year old College student Nisanard was often bullied for her masculine and long face, often being referred to as ‘Transgender’ or ‘witch’. She won the chance of a life time by taking part in the competition to be featured on ‘Let me in’. Here is her amazing transformation.

Her issue:
Severe Malocclusion and Protruded Mouth. Nisanard has malocclusion and prognathism due to her overdeveloped lower jaw.Through orthognathic surgery, the aesthetical structure of her face will be fixed as well as functional problems caused by prognathism and malocclusion.
The test result shows that she has level 3 malocclusion with crossbite, and due to her overdeveloped jaw, her face looks longer than it is. The left side of the tip of her chin was a little bit tilted to the right side. Through Orthognathic Surgery, the length of her lower jaw was shortened while balancing both sides of her chin. It made her face shape smoother with a feminine image. As well as receiving orthodontics, she also visited the clinic clinic to help with her acne, brighten her skin and restore the face’s elasticity.

1. Fat Graft
Inserted her own fat to her forehead to make her facial line more dimensional and balanced
2. Dual Canthoplasty
Changed and improved the lateral part of her eyes that made her look sharp and angry for a gentle and smooth image
Her straight nose with a masculine look was improved to feminine nose in a half-curved shape
4. Dermatology Care
Laser Toning + Various Brightening Injections + De-tox Fill + IPL
Overall dull skin tone and pimples were improved, giving elasticity to her saggy skin.
5. Orthognathic Surgery
Overdeveloped lower jaw will be shortened and both sides will be balanced as well, allowing for a feminine face
6. V-Line Surgery
Changed her jaw line that made her look masculine into a slimmer and feminine line

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