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BEST Ways To Dress Better In 2021 | Outfit Ideas | Fashion Hacks & Trends | Sana Grover

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After almost a whole year of staying in pyjamas and sweatpants, it’s only natural to feel confused about outfit ideas and what to wear in 2021. It’s time to take out those fashionable dresses and jackets! Believe me, when I say it, this year is all about fashion. While we will be discussing 2021 fashion trends and outfit ideas, I’m not here to tell you that leggings are out and wedges are the in thing. Actually, the extremely high-comfort part of 2020 dressing is still present in pretty much every single one of these styling tips–but, a lot cuter.

This video talks about how to dress better keeping in mind your body shape and tells you about clothing hacks that every girl should know. We also discuss some stunning 2021 outfit ideas, learn about amazing colour choices that people shy away from and understand how to do more thoughtful shopping and buy wearable fashion this new year. When they say it’s important to dress well in order to feel better, they are not lying. Dressing up and having a nice wardrobe can play such a huge role in how we look at ourselves, how our day/week/month goes or how we set the pace for the new year. Curating outfits takes time, effort and sometimes a lot of planning. That’s why I decided to make this entire process easy for you by giving you some of the best outfit options and outfit ideas that will make heads turn!

To know where you’ll find 2021 fashion trends in India and get some inspiration on wearable fashion and outfit ideas, keep on watching.
Ready for 2021, fashionistas? Here we go!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Upcycling Your Garments ✂️
01:58 Thoughtful Shopping ?
02:56 Clothing Care ?
03:50 Experimenting With Prints, Textures, Materials ?
05:00 Using Colour Theory To Pair Clothes (+ outfit ideas)
05:51 Wearing Correct Lingerie (+ finding the right bra)
06:48 Self Care ?

Lingerie Essentials | What to wear under Deep Neck, Backless, Off Shoulder Tops:

Wondering how to dress better or what are the fashion trends in 2021? What to wear in 2021 can get tricky especially when we have spent a whole year in sweatshirts and pyjamas but curating your 2021 wardrobe and learning how to dress well is an art! It’s important to understand how to dress for your body shape and pick up clothing hacks every girl should know. We also talk about how to find the right bra, how these 2021 fashion trends would look like in India and easy ways to dress better after buying wearable fashion. Alongside fashion trends, we will also discuss outfit ideas for 2021 and take style inspiration to dress better in 2021!

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