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Does lata sabharwal believe in using anti aging cream?

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Rainbow Friend Plastic Surgery!😰 #shorts

This is what happens when you keep eating junk foods🍔 #rainbowfriends #asmr #tiktok source

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close large pores#skincare #skincaretips #homeremedies #ytshorts #viralshorts #shorts source

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Hello friends, in this video I have shared whether to use anti- aging cream or not, if yes, then when should we start using and correct way of doing face massage with correct anti -aging cream…I have also shared which age defying cream i am using these days [FASDERMA AGE DEFYING CREAM] and to buy the same anti aeging cream CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW

Fasderma Age Defying controls the ageing purpose & repairs the skin

It gives you younger and flawless skin and it contains copper peptides
Fasderma Age Defying goes into deeper level of the skin and start repairing DNA
This age defying cream gives a younger looking flawless skin. Though I believe in aging gracefully, but if just with very little effort I can get healthy skin then why not!

Please do an allergy test mentioned in the video befire applying any creams specially if you have sensitive skin.

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Hello, I am an Indian actress, a qualified Image consultant and a nutritionist. I believe that every woman/girl has full right to look beautiful regardless of her age,size,shape and color, because you are unique in yourself….On my channel you will get to watch makeovers,makeup tutorials, inspirational stories, image management lessons , tips on a healthy life and healthy recepies….Happy watching!!


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Rainbow Friend Plastic Surgery!😰 #shorts

This is what happens when you keep eating junk foods🍔 #rainbowfriends #asmr #tiktok source
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