Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Brooklyn Gets Plastic Surgery?! | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.35

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So much has been going on! The 4th of July fun for the family, orthodontist braces visit for Kamri, and a plastic surgery for Brooklyn (age 18)??? Click to watch!


We had a lot of family and friends over for the 4th of July, taking part in such fun family activities as a patriotic parade, family picnic and BBQ, and a fireworks show! Plus, come along as Shaun takes Kamri to her orthodontist visit to adjust her braces. She has had an impacted canine tooth that simply would not drop, so the ortho used a laser to cut through Kamri’s gums to allow the tooth to finally come down!

Lastly, Brooklyn got plastic surgery! No, not what you are thinking! We had been telling Brooklyn ever since she had her ears pierced at age 2 to stop tugging and playing with her right earring. All the way up through elementary school, Brooklyn would tug on that earring anytime she got nervous or bored. We contiually reminded her that if she kept tugging on it, she would eventually rip the earring totally out of her earlobe.

We’ll, that never happened, however Brooklyn did finally need plastic surgery to repair the damage she had done to her ear. The doctor told us that he sees 1 patient per week for the same thing!

Brooklyn gets her stitches removed next week, and has to wear a sparkly bandaid over her ear until then! Kamri, in the meantime has her canine tooth finally coming in!

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This video is out of date, please go to this one: Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the...
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