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Skincare is not just for women. It’s time that we dispelled the myth that men don’t care about how their skin looks. Men want glowing male model skin – just like women want the luminous skin of Victoria Secret Angels. But skincare can seem daunting for men. You want your skin to look good, but you don’t know how. If you want easy, achievable, practical skin care tips for men – here are 5 skincare tips to help you get soft and glowing skin.

1. Wear sunscreen

One of the leading causes of wrinkles is sun damage. When your skin is over exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, your skin ages prematurely. To achieve wrinkle-free male model skin, wear sunscreen every day. To ensure ultimate protection from the sun’s harsh rays, look out for SPF 30 or higher. Even better a moisturiser with SPF, and your skin will be hydrated and protected.

2. Hydrate

Each day, men should drink at least 10 cups of water. When you drink water, toxins are flushed out of your body. This results in glowing, male model skin. Hydration is an easy way to care for your body – just up your water intake for plump, photo shoot ready skin.

3. Put frozen spoons under your eyes

This sounds kind of crazy – but it works! Put a teaspoon in your freezer overnight, and in the morning place it under your eyes. You will look instantly more awake, and your under-eye bags will disappear like magic. No matter how badly you slept the night before, you will be able to walk out of your house looking like a male model.

4. Exercise

Male models exercise to stay in shape, but did you know that exercise is also great for your skin? Regular exercise boosts healthy circulation, making your skin glowy and vibrant. By sticking to a regular exercise regime, you can reap the benefits too! Just make sure you cleanse your skin after working out to ensure that any toxins expelled through your skin are washed away and don’t stay in your skin.

5. Sleep

Getting beauty sleep is not just for women! Male models swear by 8 hours of sleep a night for glowing skin. During sleep, your body repairs your skin, produces collagen which prevents wrinkles and increases blood flow to your face, creating a healthy glow. A lack of sleep can cause dark circles under your eyes – to prevent this and ensure you have male model skin when you wake up, make sure you get your sleep!

Tip :- if you want your face look brighter , clean , fresh and glower take a bottle of water with you and drink as much as you can during Photoshoots :-

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