Friday, March 31, 2023
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Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Breast Lift Tik Tok Exercises! | Brown Plastic Surgery

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We’re back with another Plastic Surgeon REACTS video! Dr. Brown gets tagged in videos all the time of people claiming you can enlarge or lift your breasts with exercise! Is this really possible! Dr. Brown watches one of these videos and explains how you can lift and add volume to your breasts, AND if you can do this “naturally”!

To connect with Dr. Brown and find out more about what Brown Plastic Surgery offers, check out the links below!

Richard Brown is a top plastic surgeon in Sun City and Scottsdale, Arizona. If youโ€™d like more information on how you can connect with Brown Plastic Surgery or Dr. Richard J. Brown, find out more at our website:

Connect with Dr. Brown personally on Instagram:

Check out even more videos on Tiktok @therealtiktokdoc

Find out what you need to know before plastic surgery by reading Dr. Brownโ€™s book, โ€œThe Real Beauty Bible: Navigating Your Journey Through Plastic Surgery.โ€


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