Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Worst Mens Fashion Trends 2021

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I made a video last week talking about some of my favourite trends for 2021 so I thought it made sense to do a video talking about the worst trends too. I like to buy clothing that is timeless and that I’m going to get a lot of wear out of and in my opinion, the trends in this video are not made up of those kinds of items.

I have nothing against people wearing these trends and I’m glad people do because it would be very boring if everyone was into the same thing and dressed the same. Keep experimenting with different styles but my advice would be to invest more in timeless pieces that you’ll wear over and over again and less in trending items that you may wear once or twice.

I talk about 5 of the worst trends for 2021 in the video and my reasons why they are my least favourite. I also offer styling tips in case you would like to try any of these trends for yourself. Just because these items don’t work for me doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them out for yourself. Who knows, one of the trends on this list may work really well for you and may become part of your style.

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