Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Inside Bill Gates Hydrogen Powered Mega Yacht

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There will be a new superyacht hitting the water in a few years, and there are rumors this super expensive hydrogen-powered mega yacht is owned by none other than Bill Gates. The $650-million Sinot Aqua will be the first hydrogen-powered superyacht in history, and it will feature luxurious details that will make your jaw drop. The Sinot Aqua looks like something straight out of science-fiction thanks to its sleek design. Youโ€™d be forgiven for thinking this was a spaceship from the future and not a palatial superyacht. The Sinot Aqua will feature 2 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks of liquid hydrogen stored at -423 F that will allow the superyacht to reach a top speed of 17 knots and a range of 3,750 nautical miles. A spacious formal dining room, hydro-massage room, 2 VIP staterooms, 4 regular state rooms, space for jet skis, a cascading infinity pool, cinema, gym, yoga studio, and Japanese-inspired quarters are just some of the luxurious features that set the Sinot Aqua apart from other superyachts already on the market. Imagine landing on the helipad via passenger drone. Spending a day on this impressive eco-friendly superyacht would be a once in a lifetime experience. The Sinot Aqua could cost as much as $65 million to operate per year and will require a crew of 31 people. Hereโ€™s an in-depth look at all the Sinot Aqua has to offer and a detailed explanation of its innovative and environmentally-friendly propulsion system. Keep watching to learn more.

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