Saturday, February 4, 2023
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I Got Plastic Surgery And I Regret It

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When Cherry considered plastic surgery as a solution to her relationship problems, she could never have imagined the impact that choice would have on her family and future. Check out Cherry’s youtube channel:  Cherry’s Instagram: 


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Rustic Brown Weathered Wood Grain
MirageC/Getty Images
Transformation of Asian woman. Result of plastic surgery.
Jun/Getty Images
Transformation of Asian woman. Result of plastic surgery.
Jun/Getty Images

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Shawn Dou And Laurinda Ho Attend Cartier Event In Shanghai
VCG/Getty Images
Lonely young man depressed and stressed sitting in the bedroom, Negative emotion and mental health concept
kitzcorner/Getty Images
Disabled elderly man being registered at the hospital by his companion at the nurses station
andresr/Getty Images
Young depressed woman in nightgown sitting on floor near bed.
fizkes/Getty Images
female surgeon putting on protective gloves
sircco/Getty Images
Young Japanese Asian girl using smartphone checking social media on the internet on the table at coffee shop.
Tirachard/Getty Images
Unrecognizable woman talks with nurse in doctor’s office
SDI Productions/Getty Images
Scary Hospital or Laboratory Corridor Horror Thriller Scene POV
Panksvatouny/Getty Images
HD Slow motion beautiful young asian sad woman sitting on the floor near balcony. Depressed upset distraught man sitting alone with hugging the knees and looking away. Mental health care concept.
CandyRetriever/Getty Images
Man using his smartphone with to scroll a Instagram account feed, scrolling news, tapping on screen. The screen is blurred. Focus on the finger. Close-up. 4K UHD.
volkovslava/Getty Images
Hand holds door knob and pulls to open the door.
Wachiwit/Getty Images
Close-up of Surgeon Doing Stitches During Rhinoplasty Surgery
graphixel/Getty Images
Eyeglasses with light reflected from computer
Pekic/Getty Images
4K Vintage Sepia Colored World Map, Zoom in to Asia (China) Animation
reklamlar/Getty Images
4K Footage Close-up The doctor is looking at the nose silicone. To be used with the nose surgery.
toondelamour/Getty Images
Two women posing for camera phone in changing room
JohnnyGreig/Getty Images
Attractive asian woman having fun smiling and dancing in studio. Portrait of female posing at camera on pink background with copy space.
rexzillaz/Getty Images
kimberrywood/Getty Images
Boyfriend stroking girlfriend body, comforting partner, couple misunderstanding
Motortion/Getty Images
Shanghai skyline and Huangpu river at sunrise, showing Pudong
Martin Puddy/Getty Images
Young couple kiss overlooking city skyline as fireworks burst in the distance
Lighthouse Films/Getty Images
Couple connect hands to make heart shape at sunset on the beach at Ipanema
Lighthouse Films/Getty Images


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