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Top Wearable fashion trends Spring Summer 2021

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This Video is on Top Wearable Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2021

Videos sponsor Chai Fashions, a sustainable clothing company. They use pre loved silks form saris and create modern designs. Check out their website.

Here is what caught my eye from various runways and look books of luxury and smaller fashion designers that are wearable and easy to add to your style. Knowing what is going to be trendy early on can help you figure out what to put into storage what to look out for during the season sales and what to hunt for in thrift stores, that is what I call smart shopping.

If you would like to see more on color trends, accessory trends, shoes and bag trends, and even this seasons men fashion please follow the links bellow.
What was your favorite trend?

00:00 Introduction
01:56 Patchwork
02:40 Power Shoulders
03:23 Trench
04:28 Nets
05:12 Woven Bags
05:43 Power Pants
06:30 Bralete
07:28 Knits
08:17 Athleasure
09:38 Slippers
09:57 Mules
10:24 Cut outs
11:03 Masks
12:03 Oversized Button-ups

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Latest Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2021 Part 1

Colour trends:

Pattern trends:

Accessory trends:

Shoes and Bag trends:

Men’s Fashion trends:


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